What is Vaser Lipo?

Vaser Lipo is an innovative, effective and advanced fat-reduction technique that is an ideal option for men and women looking to reduce their body fat percentage and obtain their perfect body shape.

The process can smooth over those troublesome body parts such as hips, thighs and bottoms without having to resort to faddy diets, gruelling and potentially damaging exercise routines or excessively invasive and essentially outdated complicated surgical techniques.

This technically highly-advanced treatment differs from traditional liposuction in several ways. The former works well for some people, but the gentler and more powerful technique of VaserLipo means that the popularity of traditional liposuction is on the wane, as thrilled clients the world over make the discovery that losing weight can be a lot simpler than they had previously thought.

It is important to make the distinctions between traditional liposuction and its newer, more advanced cousin clear so that outdated stereotypes and misinformation do not prejudice potential patients’ views on VaserLipo. Firstly, this highly-advanced treatment is a lot less invasive than the traditional method, which can be uncomfortable, costly and sometimes ineffective. VaserLipo does not require the large surgical incisions or prolonged, large-scale vacuum suction used in traditional liposuction. Furthermore, it guarantees results, and is helping growing numbers of men and women achieve the kind of sculpted, toned figure for which they have been striving for years, often unsuccessfully.

Whilst traditional liposuction involves a surgeon making sizeable incisions and using a special suction tool to remove the excess fat from a patient’s problem areas, VaserLipo is a more refined and targetable technique which uses ultrasound radio waves between the layer of skin and the layer of muscle to destroy the cells in the patient’s body that are storing fat. The fat essentially “melts” and is then removed from the body via a gentle and relatively non-invasive suction process.

Crucially for many people, VaserLipo treatment can be targeted to a patient’s specific problem areas – there is no need to treat the entire body at once. The treatment can be customized so that it works perfectly for you. The other advantage of such a targetable treatment is that it is tissue-selective – that is to say, VaserLipo does not encroach on other body tissues, simply the fatty deposits which are to be removed.

One of the downsides of traditional liposuction procedures is that the recovery time can be lengthy (and painful). Conversely, VaserLipo enables patients to get back to work and living a normal life again within days – in fact, most patients find that they are able to return to work the day after treatment. Therefore, the old-fashioned stereotype of a prolonged recovery period, painful bruising and yards of bandaging could not be further from the truth when it comes to VaserLipo. As incredible as it may seem, this revolutionary procedure causes minimal bruising, swelling and discomfort, and this is certain one of its key attractions for its many satisfied adherents.