What areas can be treated with vaser lipo?

Vaser Lipo is a very flexible and customizable treatment and many satisfied patients report that it was “targetability” that made them opt for this highly-advanced treatment over other similar body-sculpting procedures.

The body’s fat and muscle ratios can vary depending on factors such as genetics, dietary habits and exercise routines – some people store fat around their hips and waists whilst other suffer from excess fatty deposits on the thighs or upper arms. Whichever are you want to target, VaserLipo can be customized to suit you, your body and your expectations perfectly.

VaserLipo is ideal for reducing both larger and smaller areas of excess fatty deposits, on men and women. In today’s body-conscious world, only a few lucky people are able to claim that they are completely happy with their figures, and treatments such as VaserLipo are now making it possible for everyone to attain the body contours of their dreams.

Whether you have been at your target weight for some time and are looking to eradicate a stubborn area of fat that just won’t budge by other means, or have recently lost weight through a dieting and exercise programme and are simply hoping to smooth out those fantastic new contours of your figure, VaserLipo can help. The process is ideal for any area of the body – the only real limitation is on the amount of tumescent anaesthetic solution that can be used in any one session, and this calculation is made based on body weight.

Here are just a few examples of body areas that respond well to VaserLipo treatment:

Chest, in both men and women

Gynecomastria, as male breasts are medically known, can be a very real and distressing problem for many men. It can be difficult to target this area using the traditional methods of dieting and exercise, and whether breast tissue is present or not, VaserLipo can be very effective in this area. Generally, the skin tightens well here after treatment and there is rarely any loose skin showing after the process is complete. Many female patients with excess fatty deposits under and around their breast tissue have also been delighted with the results of VaserLipo here.


Flabby-looking arms is a problem often reported by women entering their forties and fifties. It can be tricky to firm up this area, even with repeated exercise, and as such VaserLipo treatment is an ideal solution for many men as well as women. The procedure aims to ensure that skin connects with, and stays adhered to, the layer of muscle beneath the fatty deposits to be removed.

Thighs and bottom

Many women complain of lumps and bulges on the sides of the thighs, particularly after they have given birth. VaserLipo can be very effective here in creating a smoother, leaner silhouette, and is probably one of the most popular areas for treatment for female patients. Removing fatty deposits from the buttocks and the surrounding area often results in a tighter, firmer bottom.


The stomach and the surrounding area often respond very well to VaserLipo, tightening after treatment to give smooth, sculpted contours.