Vaser Lipo vs Traditional Liposuction

Vaser Lipo vs Traditional Liposuction

Cosmetic and aesthetic science has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years and there is no need for prospective patients to settle for an outdated or potentially harmful or painful procedure when more modern, safer alternatives are available.

People researching the options available to them within cosmetic and aesthetic surgery nowadays are often amazed at the wealth of expertise out there, as well as at the highly-advanced and specialist technologies that have been specifically developed for people just like them.

Different patients have different needs, however, and there is no point simply choosing the most expensive procedure available, expecting the price to be an automatic indicator of a successful result, or opting for the procedure that most of your friends have had, just because they can give you a first-hand account of their treatment and its effects. The only sensible way to choose the best form of liposuction procedure for you is to discuss all the options with a qualified, experienced and specially-trained surgeon. If you can prepare yourself for a consultation with your surgeon by doing as much research as possible prior to the meeting, then so much the better.

The biggest concern for many men and women looking to undergo an aesthetic surgery procedure such as VaserLipo or regular, traditional liposuction is the potential downtime that the treatment entails. “Downtime” is the word used to describe the length of time that the patient will be effectively out of play, as it were, whilst he or she prepares for treatment, undergoes the procedure and then recovers from the effects of the process.

With traditional liposuction, not only will an overnight hospital or clinic stay be required, but a patient’s downtime can be anything from a few weeks up to a few months. The wearing of bandages will be required and the patient will need to rest and restrict their movement until the bandages can be removed and normal everyday life can be resumed. With VaserLipo, downtime is minimal. Overnight hospital stays are rarely required as the treatment can be performed within an afternoon at your local VaserLipo clinic – patients who opt for the procedure on a Friday often find that they are back at work on Monday, feeling no ill effects of the process.

This difference in downtime compared to traditional liposuction is a major advantage for many busy working people, who have jobs, families and other responsibilities to juggle.

In terms of the actual procedure itself, the main difference between VaserLipo and traditional, regular liposuction is in the way that fat within the patient’s body is treated before removal. To be more accurate, in traditional liposuction, the fat itself is not actually treated – it is removed, in lumps, via a vacuum suction tube operated by the surgeon.

In a VaserLipo procedure, the fat is broken down before removal by ultrasonic sound energy, which emulsifies the fat and enables much easier and less traumatic removal. The ease with which the fat can be removed via VaserLipo means that general anesthetic is not required, a major plus for many patients, who dislike the idea of “going under” for treatment.