How Does Vaser Lipo Work?

It is important for any patient considering a fat-reduction procedure such as VaserLipo to understand as much as possible about his or her chosen body-sculpting process before embarking on a course of treatment.

Even though VaserLipo is the result of years of specialized experimentation and advanced scientific research, it is not a particularly complicated procedure – its workings can be simplified, summarized and easily explained to patients with relative ease. Many people find themselves much more comfortable with the prospect of treatment once the basic steps of the procedure has been explained to them and for this reason it is a good idea for prospective patients to find answers to any questions they have before choosing to go ahead with treatment.

Interestingly, although for some people the name VaserLipo conjures up images of laser surgery, this innovative technique does not involve lasers at all, unlike other new fat-reduction treatments such as SmartLipo. Vaser actually stands for ‘Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance’, which is a complicated way of saying that sound energy, i.e. radio waves, are used to breakdown fatty deposits, which are then removed from the patient’s body. The procedure is always performed in a specially-equipped, sterile and comfortable environment – generally a specialist clinic, medical spa or hospital – by professional, highly-trained technicians or surgeons.

Simply put, radio waves (similar to those used in the ultrasound scanning systems now prevalent in hospitals) are emitted by the VaserLipo equipment. As this sound energy vibrates and resonates at extremely high speed, it breaks down the deposits in the fat-storing cells targeted by the treatment so that the liquefied fat can be removed painlessly and harmlessly.

The first step in the process is for the area to be treated to be filled with a specially-formulated tumescent saline solution, via a small incision. Not only does this wetting solution help to numb the treatment area (as it contains an anesthetic, lignocaine) it also reduces the size of blood vessels in order to reduce potential bruising and minimize any blood loss, which can be a serious side effect with traditional, surgical liposuction. The ultrasound radio waves emitted by the special VaserLipo probe break up the contents of the fat-storing cells on contact whilst leaving the other tissues in the surrounding areas, such as nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels, relatively untouched.

There are of course limits to what a treatment such as VaserLipo can do, and the procedure works best when viewed as a body-sculpting and toning treatment, rather than as a quick route to rapid and dramatic weight loss. Your surgeon will target whichever parts you want to improve within one VaserLipo session – perhaps you are unhappy with your thigh and bottom area, or would prefer that your surgeon focus on the upper arms (a popular treatment area with many women), or hips and stomach. A high percentage of men opting for VaserLipo choose to have fat removed from the upper chests or stomachs.

The choice is of course yours, and the beauty of VaserLipo is that it is ideal both for large and small-scale fat-reduction.