Does Vaser Lipo Tighten the Skin?

One of the chief concerns for both men and women losing weight and shaping their body contours via any fat-reduction method, be it a combination of dieting and exercise, traditional liposuction or a more advanced treatment such as VaserLipo, is whether or not their skin will “bounce back” smoothly and tightly into place, as it were, after fat removal.

We have all heard the horror stories of people who undergo dramatic weight loss, only to be left with folds of sagging excess skin that they are unable to rid themselves of. The key areas of patient concern for sagging skin following procedures such as VaserLipo are the skin underneath the upper arms, the skin on the stomach and the skin on the buttocks. Some people worry that following fat removal from the chin and neck they will be left with a somewhat “jowly” appearance but this is very rarely the case.

Some VaserLipo surgeons and patients have reported fantastic results in skin condition and tightness following treatment, but noticeable tighter skin is not always the end result for all patients, and can certainly not be guaranteed. Medical opinion differs somewhat on the skin-tightening effects of the various cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures available today, but the general consensus is certainly that the more supple and elastic the skin is to begin with, the more likely it is to give a smooth, tight appearance after fat reduction (regardless of the method used). Many people forget that skin is in fact a living organ which adapts and changes to its environment and changes within the body it covers.

There are several ways to help your body increase its levels of skin elasticity and is this is a specific area of concern for you then these recommendations should be discussed with your VaserLipo surgeon as well as with your nutritionist or beauty therapist before you embark on treatment. Some people report greatly improved skin elasticity following the increase of certain foods rich in fatty acids, such as oily fish and grapes and berries (which contain sorbitol, a natural moisturizer). Using natural and organic skincare products can have a dramatic effect on skin suppleness and tone for some people, so it may be worth giving your bathroom cabinet a makeover before you start on your VaserLipo treatment. Oil-rich moisturizers and soap-free cleansing preparations which do not dry the skin will definitely be beneficial.

Some patients do report that their skin has tightened somewhat after VaserLipo treatment, but it is sometimes the case that increased muscle definition after a patient’s layer of body has been reduced gives the impression that the skin has is tighter. Of course, this is still a very desirable effect of the treatment and increased muscle tone will always improve the body’s contours and overall appearance. Exercising before and after a treatment such as VaserLipo, to improve the tone and definition of the layer of muscle beneath the skin, and to increase blood flow to the skin as a whole, will therefore all be beneficial in the long-term.